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Paperless bills, reducing the useless use of household billing

Are you conscious about how many tonnes of paper are thrown away after been used for billing? Do you really think that is a must having folders full of bills that will end up in the bin? Is there any good excuse for this massive wastage?
Bills that we receive on a monthly basis are thrown away after we review them and check that everything is correct. Even if someone decide to keep them in a safe, once the validity of each one is finished, they will be discarded becoming unnecessary wastage.
Every paper made is a tree consumed but not only that if not the whole polluting process used to transform that beautiful tree in that plain piece of paper.
With the accelerated advantages of the technology and the massive use of it by the Humans, there is no excuse not to stop accumulating those bills and rather use the Cloud or any other online storage system. 
Switching to e-bills is the best way to save paper and let the Planet breath. Also leave free space at home for other things more useful . Keeping all your bills organized in folders or in the online storage systems on your PC gives you peace of mind and peace to Earth. 
Take advantage of the new technology Era and give it a useful use.
Referring to Junk mail post, There are several types of Unwanted Ad Mail (UAM) every day in our post box. There are few ways of how we could stop being sent useless post, you can take the action and just decide what paper post will you really need or not and help saving resources for the Planet.
Use that link to stop receiving posting and let companies know about that concern, tell them to stop sending it.
If you know agencies controlling that useless posting or where you can let them know you refuse to receive posting at all, let us know and share with people.
Be conscious, take part!

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