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Folding recyclables to save space in bags

 Despite that using packages for almost every single product bought from shops, it is very useful trying to fold each package to the maximum and save space in the recycling bin bag. So as maximum you fold each package, you will be wasting more fewer bin bags means changing them less frequently. This can gives a breath to recycling companies to do their jobs more properly and recycling in a 100% green way to get the most of the objective.
We know that the market is offering thousands of green alternatives to commercial toxic trash bags and that they are excellent options to contribute for a better life and zero carbon emissions; but as far as we consider, is much better try to reduce the wastage to the maximum level. Even if the product is 100% Eco friendly.
Is not only about using thousands of green biodegradable bin bags to stop the contamination, if not acting consciously and try to reduce the massive use of these Eco bags. 
But after that, consider to reduce also your consumption of products packed in any type of recyclable packages.
Any production process will contribute to carbon emissions even if it is in low levels or if it is to produce environmental products. So think about it first and act conscious. Slow the massive production of compo-stable bags  and packages.
You will save money on trash bags and contribute to low carbon emissions from factories producing them.
 ...after washing it, just scrunch it in a ball. If it does not fold, is not recyclable.
It is a simple tip but will make reduce your use of bin bags per week.
Again, avoid the use of massive packaging for every single thing, but if you use it, recycle properly.


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