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Home made organic fertilizing compost

Home Composting Made Easy 
How much food wastage do you throw to the bin every day? We produce in a year tonnes of food wastage that could be given better use than they do. Buying much over the limits of what we should, at the end there is too much food that expires in our fridges and that we have to throw. 
Even, when you cook what do you do with the peels of the fruits and vegetables, or with the eggs shells or with the food not finished at the meal that you will not eat again? Do you dismiss it?
What do you do with the charcoal from barbecues that was brunt and you will not reuse again for the next barbecue(cardboard or natural based briskets)?
What do you do with the cut grass from your garden or the tree leaves that fall from trees in Autumn and winter?
Do you throw the coffee ground after making coffee or the tea leaves? 
If you follow bad practices about food disposal, probably you do not have idea of the value that each of these products has. You should give much importance to all this food ended up in the bin and start thinking green. All this food belonged to the Nature before arriving to your home, so the best you could do is to thank the Nature for what is offering to us, feeding it. A kind of compensation for how we are treating the Planet resources and its wonders.
All these questions can possibly make you conscious that we are not doing well and we need to change.
This link contains complete information where it is widely explained step by step on how to up-cycle all your daily wastage in to  the perfect home made fertilizer for your lovable plants or veggies from your backyard, garden or patio.


We know that there might be thousands of magazines suggesting you ideas on how to compost at home and give your contribution part to a better world. But our aim is not that of being the ones to offering you the exclusive, if not sharing all the information from those who hardly investigate about  natural ways of doing things and reminding you that there are lot of ways to become part of this Green Revolution and that you can not forget.This is a great chance to do things right. 
Be part of it!


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