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Reusing cardboard packages

We are a massive consumer society ordering thousands of products a day through online pages and on physical shops. There are tonnes of cardboard packages that go straight to the bin after opening them because they are not aim to be more than the cover of the precious item bought.
Those all packages were one day a life, so important to us because give us the life.
But because so many people does not know about that facts, they keep acting unconsciously. We must make them aware.
Discussed in previous posts, we all know how much pollution causes to get one single package with a very short life at the end.
But if we think further, there are few ways that we could think to keep them and upcycle them or reuse them for something productive and useful for our home. We can give you some ideas in here, but you can also think first before throwing it of how to give a second chance that could last for years.
1- For example, you can use those, if they do not contain plastic or any toxic substance, to light your barbecue and then dispose it as a compost for your greens.
2- Fill up the box with soil and plant seeds to grow at home.
3- Wrap the outside of the box with rope and fill it inside with some cloth you want to give away and you have a great container box
4- Use it for craft works for your kids to free their creative minds.
5- Use it as insulator for cold inside pet houses.
6- Cut in several pieces to create a stand to keep your stationery at the desktop
These 2 links provides you with plenty of useful and brilliant ideas for your home.
Is just a matter of thinking.
There is not better way than avoid using packages in daily basis, but if you feel that is hard for you to do so, then try to give it some use. Make space for them! 
 Think that if you decide to act, you are contributing to preserve the Nature and if everyone decides the same, then there will be a tomorrow.
Please share with us and everyone else of more ideas on how to upcycle and reuse packaging for creative ideas. There is a world of them, just use your precious brain machinery.

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