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There are so many different commercial cleaning products advertised in a daily basis by Industries that do not care about producing in a highly toxic way as long as they can produce massively to fulfill every single home and become rich at the expenses of Earth pollution and causing in the long term health issues.
Keeping your home pristine and switching to homemade cleaners, you can get the results that you want in sanitizing for a sparkling clean home, not impacting your health and contributing in reducing your use of plastic, that is so sadly impacting on the environment and household pollution caused by the manufactures. We all must take pride in. But persevering with these items and techniques doesn’t have to be the only way!
To help you get started and introduce you to the wonders that is eco-friendly cleaning, we’ve highlighted some of the top picks in our range – check them out below!

loofah 1.jpg1- Use compo-stable loofah sponge:

 1- Biodegradable natural Loofah Sponges:

100% plastic free and compo-stable, these cleaning cloth sponges will not emit micro-plastic pollution, like their mass market substitute.Made from natural loofah are super absorbent, durable and reusable, there isn’t a spot in your house where you wouldn’t find a use for them. Best of all, once you’ve used them as much as possible and they’ve come to dispose of them, they will safely biodegrade!



bamboo brushes (1).jpg


 2- Natural scrubbing brushes:


A natural bristle cleaning brush which is completely plastic-free and made using sustainable beech wood and vegan union fibre bristles. Designed for some serious tough scrubbing and simple daily cleaning tasks. The bristles are made from a blend of biodegradable, natural tampico and palmyra. This set is a complete fantastic, heavy duty,must have cleaning pack for a plastic-free cleaning routine.

20200530_174200_1_f62049da-c897-4411-8702-bcfa2c153490 (1).jpg

 3- Compo-stable bin bags:


An eco-friendly solution to your kitchen waste, these compostable kitchen bags by If You Care are made from GMO-free potato starch blended with a certified, fully compostable polymer. A straightforward replacement for traditional plastic bags, these eco-friendly bin bags, although not home compostable, will biodegrade in a landfill or industrial composting facility                        














 4- Natural handmade soaps:

Leave your laundry looking fresh and clean with this wonderful zero waste and 100% natural cleaning soap bar. Handmade with pure natural ingredients, cleans your laundry leaving it with no traces of harmful components that are added to commercial laundry soaps.. The ingredients have powerful antibacterial properties which also disinfect and eliminate odors. Free from SLS & synthetic fragrances.




We hope this short blog post has given you some ideas for your own Eco-cleaning routine or at least given you a place to get started. Please share with others and encourage them to also consider the environmental impact created by the products they use to clean their home!

Thanks for reading! 💚



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